November Update!

I apologize for taking such a long break from my blog. I certainly intended to post more regularly but things have been very busy.

  1. Graduate Lecture Recital – Last post I announced that I would post my performance of “Luonnotar”. Sorry it has been a long wait but it is now available on me “media” page.

2. Music Share Monday – For the last month or two I have been posting on my Facebook page (Laura Libby McCall – Musician) a “Music Share Monday”. This ranges in arias I’ve sung before, new songs, art songs, musical theater, and last week a little bit of keyboard music. This low-key project has been something I really look forward to each week

3. SSCOP- Side Show Chamber Opera Project! While Hannah and I were hoping to have this project finished by the end of November, due to COVID we have pushed out deadline out to next Spring. Fear not! For we have recorded “To Hell and Back” and will be recording “Scrapbookers” December 10th. Both projects will be virtual performances using everyday technologies. Keep an eye out for these releases in Spring 2021. We are so excited to share our creative adventure on these short operas!

4. FACH’d up! – Soon to be a new weekly series featuring music NOT WRITTEN for my voice 🙂 I will be joined by the lovely Coloratura Soprano, Hannah Lambertz, and amazing Mezzo Soprano, Sara Mitnik. Each week we will feature a variety of songs or arias with an accompanying Podcast! Anticipated release date for our first episode is December 20th

I want to thank each of you for your support and kindness. It’s been a wild time for artists and performers. Have a lovely week!

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