It’s About Time!

Hey there, hey. It is 8:21 EST on April 28th, 2020 in Syracuse, NY where everyone is at there wits end with COVID-19. My 4 year old Border Collie doggie is playing with a Tupperware container, because the 10+ bones and various other doggie toys are simply not good enough for him anymore. And I’m not going to stop him because he finally isn’t barking at the dog next door or a squirrel running by the window. Ladies and gentleman, welcome back. Once upon a life-time ago, this blog was dedicated to opera reviews and maybe some upcoming recital program … Continue reading It’s About Time!


Hello Friend! Welcome to my website.  Check back frequently for upcoming events and performances. I’m so grateful for your support. The intent of this blog is to offer random musings of music, movies, and other things encountered in my daily life. I hope to use this platform as a way to stay connected to my wacky friends, family, and music community. Now, grab some coffee and have a lovely day. Continue reading Welcome!

Hansel and Gretel

I cannot believe a month has gone by already! The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas flies by so fast! This months Opera focus is Humperdinck’s Hansel and Gretel. This German fairy tale opera took its premiere on December 23rd 1893 making a fitting choice for our December opera (among other reasons of course). Attending Hansel and Gretel at Chautauqua during the summer of 2001 was my first opera going experience. I was 15 years old and was participating in a summer chorale studies program. While it took many years later to finally dive into my enjoyment for opera, Hansel and … Continue reading Hansel and Gretel

La Boheme

This months blog post is going to be pretty short. Month number three and we are doing another italian opera. However we are advancing past Bel Canto and moving into verismo. Verismo meaning “realism”. In the 8th grade I was introduced to this Puccini opera. We were learning about it for a general music class and the hit broadway musical RENT had been out for a few years. We were comparing the two and needless to say, I mostly only retained the RENT information. Anyway, all I remembered about the opera La Boheme was that Pavarotti was the leading man … Continue reading La Boheme

Recital Program

Laura Libby McCall, Soprano Rachel Hidlay, Piano Seufzer, thränen, kummer, noth                                Johann Sebastian Bach from Cantata No. 21    (1713)                                                (1685-1750) Ich hatte viel Bekummernis (I had a great affliction) BWV 21 C. 1714 (or before; the date of composition is uncertain) text attributed to Salomo Franck (1659-1715), based on I Peter 5:6-11, and Luke 15:1-10 (the Luther German Bible) Suefzer, Thränen, Kummer, Noth                            Sighs, tears, grief, distress, angstlich Sehnen,                                                            nervously watching, Furcht und Tod                                                                fear and death nagen mein beklemmtes Herz,                                 gnaw at my anguished heart, ich empfinde Jammer, Schmerz.                             I feel misery, pain. Piangerò la sorte mia                                                     George Frideric … Continue reading Recital Program

La Cenerentola

This month’s opera focus is on another Bel Canto work. La Cenerentola (Cinderella) was written by Rossini in 1817. It took Rossini three weeks to complete the work with the help of borrowing some of his own material of course. It was common for Rossini to reuse his overtures (which he did in this opera) and other arias. Hey, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right? Anyway, La Cenerentola is an operatic dramma giocoso; translated meaning drama with jokes. While the Grimm Brother’s famous version is anything but joking, the italians version however (Basile 1634) doesn’t hack off toes … Continue reading La Cenerentola

Opera Blog

For those who follow my facebook page I promised a monthly opera blog. Every day I dream of world where my friends feel the joy and thrill of experiencing the opera as much as I do. I know, everyone has their own hobbies and passions but what kind of musician and FRIEND would I be if I didn’t offer a simple guide to enjoying this fascinating and complex genre of music? I’ll be posting updates on twitter and facebook. Click on the social media links on the side bar to follow. Continue reading Opera Blog